What Sets Lilly’s Cleaning Service Apart

residential cleaning silver spring mdLilly’s Cleaning Service is here to help your house feel like your home through our Consistent High Quality and Comprehensive residential cleaning in Silver Spring, and all of Montgomery County, Maryland. Whether you are a professional always on the go, or you have a large family and extra help is appreciated, our cleaning company works hard to help you have a top to bottom clean and happy space, always. Below we list a few benefits that help set our company apart from the rest.

• We take pride of the consistent high-quality cleaning service we provide you and through an extensive training and accountable results and profit sharing incentive plan we keep the best cleaning technicians in the area. Our people care about you because we care about them. Our fully trained and professional staff is well equipped with the skills and resources needed to offer you a superior service every time.
• We understand that not every household is the same, which is why we offer customized cleaning solutions that fit your budget and needs. Whether you need a deep cleaning every month, a weekly cleaning regime, or a semi-annual carpet cleaning, our dedicated staff is here to help you find a solution that works best for you.

We are always happy to discuss your cleaning needs and would love the opportunity to work with you. Contact our company today at (301) 990-4179 to receive a free estimate.

Employee Safety

residential cleaning bethesda mdAt Lilly’s Cleaning Service, we understand our customers and employees are the backbone to our company’s success. We strive to offer superior cleaning services to help our customers achieve a clean space to live while offering our employees a fair and safe place to work. Below we list our initiatives to keep our employees safe while on the job.

• To enhance the overall protection of our employees, we are only allowed to utilize ladders provided by our company.
• For safety purposes, washing dishes is not included in our routine cleaning services. If they accidently break something, they could cut their hand and be out of work for a while.
• To help protect our employees who suffer from allergies, our staff does not clean the inside of fireplaces.
• Since electronics and their associated cables and wires can be a safety hazard, we do not allow our employees to clean these items.
• Our employees are not permitted to change the bedding on upper bunk beds due to the safety risk of heights.
• We ask our employees to not move heavy items while cleaning to enhance their overall safety while on the job. A pull muscle will take them out of work for a while.
• And, to avoid damage to clothing or machinery, laundry is not included in our routine cleaning services.
• Again, to prevent damaging delicate artificial or natural plants, we do not handle any artificial or natural plants because they come apart very easily when they are being cleaned.

If you are interested in learning more about our commercial and residential cleaning in Bethesda, MD, and all of Montgomery County, contact us today at (301) 990-4179.

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