Special Event Cleaning

cleaning services chevy chaseAt Lilly’s Cleaning Service, we are proud to offer our residential and commercial clients our cleaning services in Chevy Chase and all of Montgomery County. When it comes to special occasions, we understand your space can use an extra shine that sets your home apart from the rest. Below we expand on specific situations that are perfect for our special event cleaning.

Create a warm and welcoming space with our cleaning services for your upcoming party. Whether you are hosting a birthday party for your child or a neighborhood holiday party, our skilled team can handle extensive housecleaning challenges and offer organized solutions.

Selling Your Home
Choosing to sell your home can be a stressful event, which is why our team helps homeowners by offering our cleaning services to show future buyers your home’s full potential and beauty. We can ensure your space is spotless for upcoming open houses.

In-Coming Company
Are you accommodating guests in your home for the weekend? Encourage a comfortable visit when you let our cleaning company organize and clean your space. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your home’s overall beauty and shine.

Contact our cleaning company today at (301) 990-4179 to learn more about our cleaning packages and to request a free estimate.

Maid Services

maid service, bethesda, mdIn today’s fast-paced, hectic world, setting aside the time to clean can seem impossible. You have appointments to keep and errands to run. The schedule is busy enough. Instead, hire our professional housekeepers and go about your day with ease. Lilly’s Cleaning Service offers routine services by highly trained, experienced maids. Learn more about our maid service in Bethesda, MD, and see how it keeps your home neat and tidy.

Our “Maid service” includes a variety of cleaning options for today’s busy household. In short, our professional cleaners visit your property on a routine basis to do the cleaning for you. By working with our professional maids, you will be able to save time and effort, allowing you to do more with your day.

A Personalized Approach to Housekeeping
Of course, our maid services are entirely customizable. Perhaps you prefer that each of your bedrooms remain organized, or you take great pride in your carpeting or hardwood flooring. During the initial consultation, you can discuss your preferences with our cleaning company, and draft a plan that fits your home.

Best of all, scheduling is completely flexible! You can arrange our maid service for a one-time visit or arrange a regular schedule. Whether you prefer a cleaning appointment once a month or every other week, our cleaning company can accommodate your needs.

Contact us today at (301) 990-4179 to request a consultation for our maid service and see the difference!

House Cleaning Services

house cleaning services, bethesda, md
Detailed Cleaning Saves Time
There is nothing like returning to a clean home. If you are a busy professional or parent, it can be difficult to squeeze cleaning into your routine. However, working with our professional maid service can help clear out the clutter from your schedule–and keep your home neat, safe, and beautiful. Our House cleaning services in Bethesda, MD, offer robust options for property owners. See how our cleaning packages free up your time, save energy, and uphold your peace of mind.

Advantages of Hiring Our Professional Cleaners
Routine cleaning promotes an organized and healthy home. With today’s fast-paced approach to life, though, taking the time to vacuum, dust, mop, and sanitize can seem like a job in itself. By hiring our professional cleaners, you can free up the time and energy to do the things that matter most to you.

By letting someone else do your cleaning, you get precious time back to your schedule. Spend a moment with the kids, complete a pressing errand, or simply dedicate some time for yourself. Our professional housekeepers have the training, equipment, and experience to keep your home orderly.

Choose Our Trained and Experienced Housekeepers
When hiring Lilly’s Cleaning Service for a detailed cleaning, you are hiring people you can trust. During your consultation, we will inform you about the kind of training our housekeepers hold, team supervision methods, and also the extent of our services.
Our professional cleaners have the expertise and knowledge to keep your home tidy, fresh, and welcoming. Contact us today at (301) 990-4179 to request a free estimate from us, your local cleaning company, to learn more about detailed cleaning.

Why You Should Always Choose Lilly’s Cleaning Services

maid service bethesdaAre you looking for a trustworthy house cleaning and maid service in Bethesda? At Lilly’s Cleaning Services, we understand the commitment it takes to finding a cleaning company that can meet your specific needs and wants. We strive to make our customers feel confident in their decision to hire our company. Below we have the many reasons why you should always choose our reliable cleaning services.

• We provide consistent, high-quality cleaning results every time. Whether you need a daily cleaning for your commercial building or a weekly cleaning package for your busy home, you can depend on our reliable services.
• Our team consists of well-trained individuals who are highly motivated to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner.
• We provide custom solutions for your cleaning needs at an affordable price that are adjusted to your specific needs.
• Our customers can enjoy their time free from cleaning while they trust that their belongings are safe and sound.
• Our professional cleaning services aim to not only organize your area but clean the entire space free from dust and allergens.

Contact us today at (301) 990-4179 to discuss a cleaning package that fits your needs and to schedule a consultation.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Cleaning Service for the Office

house cleaning services bethesda mdLook to Lilly’s Cleaning Services to help make a great first impression on your customers and employee’s with our commercial cleaning. When it comes to having a productive workspace, it is vital to have a clean area that individuals can feel comfortable in at all times to evoke creativity and ingenuity. Many business owners look to our cleaning services to help them improve their overall success in the office. Check below to learn four reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service for your office.

1. Our commercial cleaning specializes not only in creating an organized area but a sanitary space. Ensuring a clean environment for your employees will help to alleviate future sicknesses due to a buildup of allergens and respiratory infections.
2. Delegating cleaning services to professionals can decrease team morale and productivity. Hiring Lilly’s Cleaning Services will allow your team members to focus more on their work and their responsibilities.
3. Ensuring your commercial space is always organized and clean will help provide a positive first impression to your employee’s and future clients.
4. Our professional cleaning services will also help to keep your necessary items available, such as enough paper towels in the kitchen and plenty of toilet paper in the bathroom.

We are proud to offer custom cleaning packages to meet the needs of your commercial space. Contact us today at (301) 990-4179 to learn more about our flexible options and our house cleaning services in Bethesda, MD.