Why Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc.

Everyone likes to spend their free time enjoying with their loved ones or doing what they love.
And let’s be honest, no one likes to clean after engaging the whole day with other jobs as well. Lilly’s cleaning service understands how painful it can be to come home to see an untidy mess of a house.
Well, fortunate enough, now that you have found us, you can just sit back and relax enjoying your free time while we do the cleaning job for you!
Lilly’s Cleaning service has been the trusted cleaning service provider of thousands of customers. Since 1992, we are standing unbeaten with our highest quality cleaning standards and the best-trained professionals in the industry.
On top of it, we have a flexible and reliable cleaning schedule as per all your needs and have been delivering the highest quality detailed cleaning results from the beginning.

You get highly motivated employees that are valuable to us. These employees are incentivized and rewarded with profit-sharing and no freelancers or subcontractors are entertained in our firm.
Our employees are constantly provided with professional training and are accountable for their performance.
A crew supervisor is allotted on your team and our general managers will randomly check your home to make sure that you are getting satisfactory services by our employees in Montgomery County, Maryland.
We have been milestones by our dedicated cleaning services!
So the minute you walk in, you will feel the difference as you see the astonishing and sparkling clean house.
Wow! Lilly’s was here!
Now enjoy your free time with a 100% peace of mind doing what you love.
Call us or visit our website to get your free estimate now!

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