When Can You Hire A House Cleaner And What Safety Measures Should You Take?

If you work at home or are a student, and you need to be productive or are just trying to catch up on your work, you might consider hiring a housecleaner to handle some of the household tasks. Scheduling a Housekeeper can bring relief to many people.

Respiratory illness is a concern. You might be curious as to how you’ll be able to tell if a housecleaner is safe and what safety precautions should you take.

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When is it safe for a housecleaner to enter?

There is no one way to determine the best time to have a housekeeper come in. Every situation and area is different. This is why you should carefully consider all factors.

Guidelines for stay-at-home: Check the official recommendations and restrictions in your region to determine any stay-at-home precautions. A responsible house clean service takes all kinds of precautions to protect you, your family, and your employees.

Your own comfort level: Trust is an important element when you invite someone into your house. You want to feel safe in your home and that the cleanings will not increase or cause stress. Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc takes these matters very seriously.

Your health and that of your family: You should consider whether you or your loved ones are at high risk for respiratory illness complications. Your cleaners should not be exposed to people in your immediate family who are or have been recently sick with a disease. The government recommends that you keep your symptoms at bay for at least 10 business days. Your doctor should confirm that you aren’t contagious after you have been diagnosed.

What should I do with the cleaner before making an appointment?

Before inviting someone into your home, you must be aware of the symptoms of respiratory illness and how it spreads, and how to prevent others from contracting it. You should also discuss the details with the house clean service.

Communication is crucial between the customers and the cleaning company. They should be able to inform you about how they protect themselves, their employees, and customers.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. stresses the importance of our cleaning technicians and office staff following our own Respiratory Illness Policy at all times. https://www.lillyscleaningservice.com/respiratory-illness-policy/

Our detailed cleaning checklist includes all the areas of your home that must be attended to in order to prevent the spread of illnesses.  Medical experts and doctors stress the importance of cleaning countertops and other high-touch places like doorknobs and handles. These areas and more are already included in our cleaning company’s checklist. It’s just important to not neglect them.

Safety precautions

Your cleaners are responsible for taking safety precautions. This includes:

Physical distance is ideal. It is best to stay at a minimum of six feet.

Safety gear: Safety precautions for house cleaners include wearing disposable gloves and masks. Personal protective equipment (PPE), is required for cleaning staff. Our employees will be provided with PPE. If you’re cleaning the house yourself, you should also wear one. The idea is that your mask protects you while mine protects me.

Wash your hands often: Everyone should use frequent hand washing and avoid touching their face and help to prevent respiratory illness from spreading. These practices will protect your house cleaner and you.

This information can help you feel more prepared and comfortable when deciding to have a professional clean your home. However, you need to consider your circumstances before you make that decision. Professional cleaning could be what you need if you are ready to hire someone for house clean services in Darnestown, Montgomery County, MD.

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