Spring in Maryland

Lilly's Cleaning Service
Even people who use a house cleaning service on a regular basis feel the need to spruce up in between– especially when fresh spring weather rolls around!  There’s nothing like cracking open the windows for the first time and enjoying the spring air.  It’s the inspiration for a spring clean!  Here are some important areas to consider as you take advantage of that seasonal burst of energy.  Choose the tasks that will give YOU the most satisfaction.
Bedding.  Start by stripping all your comforters and blankets and get those into the washing machine (per care tags).  Freshen all bed pillows with a tumble in the dryer.  Toss in wool dryer balls with some lavender essential oil or use dryer sheets.  As you continue your spring cleaning list, transfer clean bedding from washer to dryer, then re-make beds with fresh sheets.  
Clear clutter.  Take a sweep through your main floor rooms and get instant gratification by clearing junk, paper and other collected stuff from surfaces.  And don’t transfer the piles—purge as you go.  Is the clutter actually something timely or important, or can it be recycled or donated?  Don’t be afraid to simply throw it away.  
Clear a closet.  Weed out items that haven’t been worn in a year or that are in poor condition.  Donate the good stuff to your favorite local charity.  Sort the wardrobe by color for easy pickings in the morning.  Again, don’t be shy about throwing out clothes that have outlived their natural life.  If no one else can use it, make it into cleaning rags or toss it in the trash.
Makeup drawer.  Spring is a good time to take a look at your beauty products and tools.  Wash all applicator brushes in warm water with a drop of gentle shampoo.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly then let air dry.  Toss tools that are damaged and replace those that are worn out.  Most beauty products have a shelf life of fewer than 24 months once opened.  Evaluate the makeup you use on a regular basis and replace as needed.  
To enjoy more time this spring, Let Lilly’s Cleaning Service take care of the cleaning on a regular basis. Click here to visit our website https://www.lillyscleaningservice.com/ and call us at 301.990.4179 for a complimentary estimate. 

Give the Gift of Time this Valentine’s Day!

We all know that time is precious, and perhaps even more importantly, that time is available in very limited quantities.  Today, busy families have countless things competing for our valuable time every week.  Jobs, grocery shopping, homework, kids’ activities, family events, lawn work, meals, and laundry—these are a few major tasks that come to mind.  Every one of them fills our time, for better or worse.   But thankfully, house cleaning doesn’t have to be one of those time-filling tasks—because you have Lilly’s Cleaning Service, and you have the ability to give the gift of time.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service brings professional cleaning expertise right to your home or office, delivering quality results from top to bottom.   With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and consistent, thorough cleans, you can count on Lilly’s. Working around your schedule, Lilly’s team takes house cleaning off your to-do list, freeing up time that can be better spent doing what YOU want!  Even if that’s just sitting in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and that book you’ve been meaning to read!    

This year, as Valentine’s Day rolls around, think out of the box for your sweetheart.  Lilly’s gift cards make a perfect and practical Valentine’s Day gift, and you can even give an entire year of cleaning!  A clean home is something she’ll remember (and thank you for) at every cleaning.  In contrast, you know that cliché grocery store box of candy or tired bouquet of flowers will be forgotten before February 15.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service gift certificate comes in a golden square box that has a red rose on the top.

Hello 2019!

The house has been cleaned and smiling parents with two kids are still in bed using their free time to read a book.


If you’re like most, you welcome each brand New Year with at least a few resolutions: This is the year you’re going to be more organized, have better work/life balance, eat better, save money, or quit your favorite vice.
While New Year’s resolutions are always well-intended, they can often be overly ambitious — which is why the studies have shown that more than half of them are doomed to fail from the beginning.
Instead of offering ideas for life-altering resolutions that have a better chance of overwhelming you than improving you, here are ten smaller and more simple things that you can do in the first month of 2018 to start the year off right!
1. Read a book – 
Any book. Choose something that you’ll enjoy — whether it’s a romance novel or your favorite textbook, take some time to snuggle up and give your imagination some nourishment.
2. Reconnect – 
Call one person you’d like to catch up with to let them know you’re thinking of them. Don’t think that seeing them on social media is enough. Get caught up in their day-to-day happenings. You’ll be surprised at how positive it makes you feel to call someone to say “hello.”
3. Plan your life, don’t let it plan you – 
Invest in a physical planner for 2018 or utilize a new electronic one if that suits your lifestyle better. Don’t let your schedule run your life, let your life run your schedule.
4. Clean out your vehicle – 
You might be surprised how much more enjoyable your daily errands can be when you clear out the food wrappers, old coffee cups and all the post in notes.
5. Go somewhere with your favorite person – YOURSELF!
seeing a movie, having a meal at a restaurant, visiting a museum are all great ways to relax and refuel. Plan them regularly so you stay recharged and stay focused.
6. Free up your digital world – 
This is a great time to go through your computer, email, and phone. You can delete everything that no longer serves a purpose and is taking up valuable space! It will make you feel free and more organized. Bonus – your devices will like it and probably work better. 
7. Check in on your budgets –
Take the stress out of the new year by knowing where you stand going into 2018. Could you save a little more money monthly? Could you put more into your retirement plan? Is there a big trip or a family purchase you are thinking about in 2018? What is the plan to pay for it?
8. Get moving – walk!
Load up your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook, lace up those shoes, and enjoy the beautiful wintery weather that most people try to avoid.
9. Focus and reflect – 
Take a little time to look through some of the work you’ve done in the previous 12 months, and focus on how you might do things differently moving forward. Chances are, you’ve learned a lot on this recent trip around the sun.
10. Set 6 mains goals (3 personal and 3 professional)
Your business life and personal life are more intertwined than you think. Think about what you want your personal and professional life to look like 12 months from now. These aren’t resolutions – they are lifestyle goals. They’re things to strive for! Break down bigger goals into smaller ones. Lilly’s Cleaning Service would be a great addition to your life in 2019. We can clean and that would give you less cleaning and more time to do the things you want to do! Call Lilly’s Cleaning Service today at 301.990.4179! 

Happy New Year 2019!

As we begin 2019, some of us will make resolutions, goals, and plans for the year ahead. As we reflect over the last 365 days, we think about goals that we met, the goals we missed, and the habits that we’ve adopted.

There are ways that you can make your new year better. Say yes more. You don’t need to say yes to everythingjust say it more. We often have opportunities given to us that we say no to because we are hesitant about the unknown.
We often take too much time to make decisions. Again, we are not saying that you should make all your decisions in split second. Sometimes we wait so long to decide, the decision is made for us. Even if you make the “wrong” decision often, it can be reversed, and if not, it has taught you a lesson.
Being more focused is at the top of many lists for 2019. The world is filled with “noise,” and we need to start focusing on what is most important to us and the people we love.
Take your 2019 list of goals (resolutions) and circle one. Now, do it! Don’t hesitate, make excuses, or think about it too much. Just do it and then move on to the next one. Don’t take 365 days to complete your list.
Don’t add to your list until you’ve finished everything on it.
This isn’t rocket science. Changing your life isn’t complicated, but it’s not easy, either. If you are going to make this 2019 count, you’re going to need to focus, but you won’t have to drive yourself crazy.
A great place to start is to make more room in your life for new things to happen, become more decisive, and drill down on your to-do list, doing one thing at a time. Looking for more free time in your life? Let Lilly’s clean! Click here to get a quote today!
It’s not a complicated process, but few will have the discipline to do this. People spread themselves too thin, walk away from opportunities due to fear, and suffer from indecision.
And in another 365 days, you’ll be writing down your goals again. Think of all you will have accomplished by then… Happy New Year!

Being Thankful Is Good For You…

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just a few days away? We begin to reflect over that past years and make plans for the upcoming holiday season. One thing that we can not change is the past; we can only learn from it. We have the same number of hours in the day and must regularly make decisions how we spend it. There is a great reason to believe that people who cultivate thankfulness tend to be happier and healthier than those who don’t.

Here are a few tips for practicing thankfulness:

1. Take a moment to be thankful for your life. The perfect way to get back on track is to take a break. You’ll need to think about things to be grateful for, and sometimes the break itself is a good reason to be thankful.

2. Talk about gratitude with family on a regular basis. Life gets busy and you fail to tell people how much they mean to you, or that you’ve realized what they do and it means a lot to you.

3. Send thank you notes. It is amazing what sending a small thank you note can do. Thank you texts, voicemails, emails etc. are great to send, however, there still seems to be something really special about a thank you note written in ink. It doesn’t have to be fancy – your notes can be as simple as a post-it with a couple of heartfelt words, or it can be a written on a notepad with a heart doodle.

4. Being thankful is about giving back to your community, family, and friends. If you know someone that needs help, help them directly. You could take your younger sister to an appointment or help your best friend move across town. If you don’t know the person, continue their good work. For example, you could repay your high school teacher by volunteering to tutor others.

5. Take notice of the of the kindness shown to you. When you say thank you to people, look them in the eyes and smile so they can feel the sincerity.

6 Say “thank you” regularly. Say thank you to the gentlemen who held the door for you at the grocery store. Thank the person at the bank who helped you find the missing payment on your car loan.

7. Even when it’s difficult – find reasons to be thankful. Sometimes it can be tough to be grateful in your life.

We are so thankful for our clients that have put their faith and trust in Lilly’s Cleaning Service for over 26 years in Montgomery County.