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What’s in a Maid service? Here are some reasons to hire maids

Are you stressed about your messy home? You aren’t the only one. More than 80% of stressed Americans identify housecleaning as their main source of anxiety.

The 1950s housewives seem content with their schedule of daily chores. But today, women and men are much busier than they were in the 1950s. Modern activity and old cleaning standards are impossible to fit into a day.

Are you considering hiring a maid but are not quite convinced? These are some reasons that may convince you to hire maid cleaning services Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, MD.

Deep Clean

You are only paying for a clean house when you hire maids. Cleaning pros will not only clean your house, but they will also deep clean it.

The mess doesn’t have to be a problem for outside help so they aren’t distracted by the daily tasks of cleaning.

Perhaps you’re waist-deep in the toilet bowl and must make an important business call. For your third grader, you could solve a worldwide problem. For your toddler, you can open a popsicle.

A maid may be hired to clean up the floors, mop the floor, and dust the baseboards. They will wash your windows and clean out your dishwasher.


Maids are experts. They are skilled in efficiency and technique. Even if all your domestic abilities are in order, it won’t take you all day to complete a maid services job.

A cleaning crew is self-sufficient. They bring their own gear. This will not only free up some cabinet space but also give you better materials. Their equipment is high-quality and their cleaners industry-grade.

Maids are also cleaning experts. Maids are experts in vacuuming. They even know how to remove the red wine stain from your ottoman.

Better Health

When you hire a maid, your house isn’t the only one that benefits. Your health will improve as a result of your living space being cleaner.

Your air quality will improve if there is no dust or allergens around your house. No more itchy eyes and runny nostrils. The effects of asthma can be decreased by keeping your home clean.

It will also improve your mental health. Clutter can cause stress for many people. Even if you make a vow to relax your standards your subconscious will follow your lead.

You’ll feel more in control of your life and your quality of life by taking one task off your list.

All Time Free

You get more time with regular maid services as a bonus. Spend the time you would have spent vacuuming to be with your family instead.

Get a hobby. Take a break. Write the Great American Novel.

The Maid Service Could Make Your Life Better

You could make a huge difference in the way that you live your day by hiring Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. for your house cleaning. You will live in a cleaner house. This will allow you to spend more time in your house.

Are you curious about how to hire a maid? And how much it will cost? Request a free quote today. We offer many cleaning packages to fit your needs.

Here are the top eight reasons why your business needs commercial cleaning services

Here are the top eight reasons why your business needs commercial cleaning services

Professional cleaning services can be hired for offices, businesses, factories, homes, and residential areas. It will make your place look cleaner. Organization growth is influenced by cleanliness and maintenance. Cleaning can be an investment in the health of employees and a way to increase productivity. Here are some of the benefits that hiring a commercial cleaning services Potomac, Montgomery County, md can bring to your business. Commercial cleaning services by Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. have benefited your business:

1. There aren’t many sick days:

In the final phase of your business cycle, if you have to cut back on valuable work hours due to illness, it could be a problem. This is most common in large companies with many workers. Even if you look at start-ups, small businesses with fewer employees may experience this problem. They are the company’s only asset and can be responsible for the organization’s growth. Employing trusted office cleaners for businesses can reduce germ spread, which in turn leads to healthier lives for employees. Cleanliness and order boosts employee confidence and encourages their creative ideas. It also gives off a professional impression.

2. Safe and healthy place to work:

As I have mentioned, professional office cleaning services can reduce the spread of germs and help to prevent sickness. The quality of cleaning services can be determined by the cleaning products they use, the tools they have to produce great results, the number of trained staff members they have, the satisfaction of their quotations and more.

Good cleaning services can reduce the risk of workplace accidents like slip and falls, fires due to fire attractants near fire catching areas, and short circuits that result from poor electrical area maintenance. Professional cleaning services employ well-trained personnel to inspect every detail that could compromise the safety of the company.

3. Increases productivity of employees:

Employees who are unsafe at work or whose health is compromised by messy work habits will not give 100%. It is obvious that employees who are healthy can contribute to the growth of the company. Managers and business owners are executives, but the employees are the core of any task or organization.

It is important to ensure their safety and health. They can concentrate on their job without worrying about allergies, illness, dirt-related accidents, or untidiness. A safe work environment is a pleasant place to be.

4. Impressive first impression:

It is said that the first impression is the final impression. This is true in all aspects of professional life. People are everywhere in offices, commercial spaces, and organizations. As we all know, clients are the ones for whom our business is run. Employees are what help us run our business. If clients come to your office frequently for business, you know how important it can be to make a good impression. It’s also important to keep it clean. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to hire a professional cleaner. This will allow you to focus on building your business instead of worrying about cleaning up.

5. Passion and confidence grow in:

It is clear that pride in your work environment can bring satisfaction and increase confidence. A happy workplace encourages creativity and promotes productivity. Cleanliness has many benefits. It also creates a great first impression. Good reviews and satisfied employees can help build trust and bridges between clients and staff. This will allow them to discuss services and business with other people.

6. Long-term savings:

Professional cleaning services can be hired to maintain your office’s floors, carpets, and furniture. This will increase the longevity of your equipment. We know that they have trained staff so we don’t have to worry about finding the right people or spending money. Maintaining your office properly will result in less work and more money. Cleaning is an important part of your business’ growth.

7. Superior cleaning quality:

Cleaning companies employ trained personnel who are familiarized with all cleaning tools to provide a clean environment. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, professional cleaning services can bring success to your workplace. If your organization is larger, it will help you maintain sustainability. A professional office cleaning service will provide superior cleaning results for routine maintenance and occasional deep cleaning.

8. More room for everything:

It is obvious that offices will look larger and more spacious if they are kept clean and tidy. Clean places can also draw attention to other problems. A daily office cleaning service can help you determine what items you need to keep and what to get rid of. You will find that there is more space than you need to add new items and to hire more people to help you grow your business.

5 Benefits Of Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

5 Benefits Of Eco Friendly Cleaning Services

Many consumers consider eco-friendly not only a nice thing to have but a necessity. PwC recently conducted a survey that showed that more than 50% of global consumers are becoming more eco-friendly in recent years. This trend won’t stop anytime soon, and for good reasons! These eco-friendly cleaning services are not only better for the environment but also for your home. Let’s look at 6 incredible benefits that these services can offer.

  1. Be kind to the environment

All cleaning services eventually end up in our water system. Traditional cleaning services can leach chemicals into streams, rivers, and oceans. Some of them may not be broken down and could end up in the food chain. They can then be eaten by fish, aquatic animals, and aquatic plants. When we eat them, they can be added to the human food chain. One of the major advantages of eco-friendly cleaning services is their ability to biodegrade. They are biodegradable, which means they can be quickly dissolved in water to make non-toxic cleaning services. Clean your home with a clear conscience. It is safe to assume that chemicals that are drained from the plughole won’t cause any harm to local ecosystems.

  1. They are effective

Sometimes, we may feel that if services has natural and is eco-friendly, it cannot be as effective as traditional services. Consumers won’t buy services that don’t work. The effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning services has been proven as equally effective as the traditional ones.

Here’s a tip: Make sure to follow the manufacturer instructions. It is possible to clean with eco-friendly services, but it is important that you do it correctly. Although they may take a bit longer to do the job, they are still very effective.

  1. Use less Packaging

One of the greatest benefits of eco-friendly cleaning solutions is their ability to be packaged in more sustainable ways. There are many ways they do this. Some are in concentrated form. You can dilute them with water and then use your own recycled spray bottle. This helps reduce plastic waste and carbon emissions. Multi-use cleaners are one of the many eco-friendly services. This helps you save money and the environment. Instead of buying several cleaners for different rooms, one service can do it all.

  1. Healthier Home Environment

Cleaning services can leave residue behind when we clean our homes. It is most likely to remain on surfaces but it can also be in the air. This can lead to allergies or other health problems for some people. VOCs (volatile organ compounds) can cause irritation in the eyes, nose and throat. They can also cause asthma attacks in people who have asthma. VOCs can be released from traditional cleaning services both during use and afterward. Look for eco-friendly cleaners that certified to reduce your exposure. To reduce allergic reactions, they have set strict standards regarding the amount of VOCs in cleaning services.

You may also be allergic to:

  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Dyes
  • Sulfates

You should be aware of services that do not contain, or are low in these allergens. It is worth researching and learning the key terms to avoid. Words like corrosive, poisonous, and flammable are all red flags to watch out for.

  1. Not tested on animals

Eco friendly cleaning services Rockville, Montgomery County, md are often committed to ethical standards. This includes saying no animal testing. Animal testing is banned in some countries. This practice is still used in many countries for everyday cleaning services. You can find cruelty-free services so you only use services you are comfortable with.

  1. Attract a wider audience

Cleaning business owners want to reach as many people as possible over eco-friendly cleaning service you also get to care for your employees! As part of their job, cleaners must work with chemicals every day. You can reduce the exposure of cleaners to toxic chemicals by using eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning: The Benefits

All of us want to live in harmony with the environment and operate our businesses as efficiently as possible. You can reach this goal by switching to eco-friendly, high-quality cleaning services.

The best part: They are just as effective as regular ones!

Do you want a cleaning company that is passionate about eco-friendly cleaning? Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is the right choice. We are committed to providing high-quality cleaning every time. Call us or request a quote online today!

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What are the Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaning Services?

Do you want to hire a cleaning service? Do you want to know the benefits of eco-cleaning? We at Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. want you to make the most of your cleaning experience, so we have created a blog. A cleaning service is a great choice. They do all the hard work. You don’t have to get down on your knees and scrub those difficult-to-reach places. This is what you have hired us to do. You can find help in residential cleaning Clarksburg, Montgomery County, md of your house. Hire a cleaning service to:

You can save time

We can focus more on the things that matter by delegating daily and weekly chores of cleaning to a service. We often stress out about things we don’t have to worry about. One of those things is cleaning. Think about how much you can save time and energy by having a cleaner do the cleaning. That’s a lot.

Be more productive

You will have more time to do the things you want to accomplish when you hire a cleaning company. If your house is clean, you can be more productive and achieve more. You might have to run errands, take care of the kids, or focus on work.

You can focus your attention on the things that matter by allowing a cleaner to enter your space. This will allow you to prioritize more effectively and make it easier for you to be more productive every day.

Get Those Hard To-Reach Places

We often overlook those difficult-to-reach areas when we clean our homes. These are the places that are often clogged with spider webs and dust. They are not often thought of. We don’t think about them if we can’t see them. These places will be taken care of by a cleaner. They’ll clean it every cleaning. There’s no need to be concerned about dust mites forming again.

Save Money

Many cleaning companies have their supplies and products. While some companies may not have this option, it is very rare. It’s why it is important to research cleaning companies before you hire them. You won’t need to worry about cleaning supplies being kept in the cabinet, except for dish soap and hand soap. Your cleaning crew will arrive fully-equipped to clean your rental, office, and home each time they visit. You can also use them to clean any other spaces. Most cleaners come with vacuums, cleaning supplies, rags, disinfectants, and bathroom cleaners.

Save Energy

Cleaning services not only help you save money and time but also save you energy. Cleaning can be exhausting. If you are anything like me, it is possible to feel that you need a rest afterward. To enjoy every last drop of energy, why not let someone else do it? It’s easy to hire a cleaning service. You will save time, money, and energy and be more productive. You might find that these services are the best choice for you.

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An Explanation Of Why You Should Hire A Maid Service

It may seem expensive to hire a maid or professional cleaner. If you consider the many benefits that professional cleaners can provide, you will see why so many people take advantage of these services. We have described four reasons why you should hire a maid near you.

  • It’s convenient

After a hard day at work, no one wants to return to a messy home. Working with a maid service means that cleaning will be one less thing. There won’t be any need to rush to clean up after you relax. A weekly maid service will take care of everything.

Maid service Olney, Montgomery County, md is convenient and the professionals are flexible. House Cleaning Services are affordable, whether you need a one-time cleaning, a weekly cleaning, or a monthly maid service. You can request specific rooms or a particular area to be cleaned. A specialty service can be requested, such as deep cleaning or move-in/move-out cleaning.

It can make your life easier to hire cleaners. Working with professionals to clean your home can make it a lot easier. Flexible house cleaning services can be tailored to meet your needs and fit into your busy schedule. Many people say that hiring cleaners significantly improves their quality life. Get started today!

  • It will save you time and make you feel healthy

Keeping your home tidy can be time-consuming. In fact, allergies are 6th most common cause of chronic illness in the United States. This is why it’s important to keep your home free from allergens. A host of bacteria can lead to many other health problems and illnesses.

Local house cleaners have professional-quality equipment and supplies that will give your home the thorough cleaning it deserves. Sometimes, dust, dirt and bacteria can get into your carpet fibers. Deep cleaning is possible, although a vacuum cannot clean this.

You could feel healthier by hiring cleaners. You could have allergies or feel constantly sick. A maid service can help you stay healthy all year.

  • Experts will clean your home

A maid service will be your partner. They have extensive cleaning experience. You can trust that the cleaners you hire will work efficiently and produce excellent results. You’ll also be hiring specialists who have access to all types of tools and products. You will receive extensive training from the professionals you hire.

Are you ever frustrated that your home isn’t as clean as you would like, even though you have spent hours cleaning it? Professional cleaners will make your home sparkle. The final results will amaze you. The best cleaners are skilled and knowledgeable. They will put their expertise and knowledge to work cleaning your home.

Although you may feel that your home is clean, it’s possible that you will notice a significant improvement in the quality of your home after hiring professional cleaning services. Cleaning services can handle all tasks you may struggle with. Cleaners can be hired to clean any area that you feel needs attention. These issues will be addressed by the cleaners.

  •  A House Cleaning Service Pays Attention to Detail

It’s possible that you will overlook some spots even if your house is clean and tidy. It’s possible to overlook a corner of your ceiling or the space under your fridge. You could make the error of mopping up your kitchen floors before wiping down your countertops. This will leave you with crumbs all over your floor.

However, professionals will ensure that every detail is taken care of. You won’t be able to see any crevices or other areas that they might not have noticed. You may find it easier to maintain your home after hiring cleaners because of their attention to detail. You’ll be able to keep your home clean even if you only hire a cleaning service once.

Nobody is perfect and this is especially true for cleaning your home. It’s possible that even if you put a lot into cleaning your home, there will be many important things that you forget about. You can trust cleaners to get the results that you want.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is passionate about cleaning your home. We hope that you will give us a call after reviewing the advantages of hiring a maid services. You’ll be able enjoy the many benefits of a clean, healthy home. This will also allow you to spend more time with your loved ones. This is the best time to hire a cleaning service. Contact us today!