Hello 2019!

The house has been cleaned and smiling parents with two kids are still in bed using their free time to read a book.


If you’re like most, you welcome each brand New Year with at least a few resolutions: This is the year you’re going to be more organized, have better work/life balance, eat better, save money, or quit your favorite vice.
While New Year’s resolutions are always well-intended, they can often be overly ambitious — which is why the studies have shown that more than half of them are doomed to fail from the beginning.
Instead of offering ideas for life-altering resolutions that have a better chance of overwhelming you than improving you, here are ten smaller and more simple things that you can do in the first month of 2018 to start the year off right!
1. Read a book – 
Any book. Choose something that you’ll enjoy — whether it’s a romance novel or your favorite textbook, take some time to snuggle up and give your imagination some nourishment.
2. Reconnect – 
Call one person you’d like to catch up with to let them know you’re thinking of them. Don’t think that seeing them on social media is enough. Get caught up in their day-to-day happenings. You’ll be surprised at how positive it makes you feel to call someone to say “hello.”
3. Plan your life, don’t let it plan you – 
Invest in a physical planner for 2018 or utilize a new electronic one if that suits your lifestyle better. Don’t let your schedule run your life, let your life run your schedule.
4. Clean out your vehicle – 
You might be surprised how much more enjoyable your daily errands can be when you clear out the food wrappers, old coffee cups and all the post in notes.
5. Go somewhere with your favorite person – YOURSELF!
seeing a movie, having a meal at a restaurant, visiting a museum are all great ways to relax and refuel. Plan them regularly so you stay recharged and stay focused.
6. Free up your digital world – 
This is a great time to go through your computer, email, and phone. You can delete everything that no longer serves a purpose and is taking up valuable space! It will make you feel free and more organized. Bonus – your devices will like it and probably work better. 
7. Check in on your budgets –
Take the stress out of the new year by knowing where you stand going into 2018. Could you save a little more money monthly? Could you put more into your retirement plan? Is there a big trip or a family purchase you are thinking about in 2018? What is the plan to pay for it?
8. Get moving – walk!
Load up your favorite playlist, podcast or audiobook, lace up those shoes, and enjoy the beautiful wintery weather that most people try to avoid.
9. Focus and reflect – 
Take a little time to look through some of the work you’ve done in the previous 12 months, and focus on how you might do things differently moving forward. Chances are, you’ve learned a lot on this recent trip around the sun.
10. Set 6 mains goals (3 personal and 3 professional)
Your business life and personal life are more intertwined than you think. Think about what you want your personal and professional life to look like 12 months from now. These aren’t resolutions – they are lifestyle goals. They’re things to strive for! Break down bigger goals into smaller ones. Lilly’s Cleaning Service would be a great addition to your life in 2019. We can clean and that would give you less cleaning and more time to do the things you want to do! Call Lilly’s Cleaning Service today at 301.990.4179!