Let’s Get Ready for Fall in Montgomery County!

The best way to get into the fall spirit and to prepare for colder weather and the holiday season is to do a bit of fall maintenance. We often think of this in the spring, however, it is just as important in the fall when the temperatures drop and you begin to spend more time inside. Here follow some ways you can organize and prepare your home.


Clean the Rain Gutters

This might not be your favorite activity but it’s a crucial step in winterizing your home. If you don’t properly clean your gutters, water and snow won’t be able to flow freely from your rooftop. Don’t hesitate to hire someone if you don’t feel confident on a ladder.

Store the Patio Furniture

Put your outdoor furniture in your garage, basement or well-insulated shed to make sure it doesn’t get damaged from unruly weather conditions.

Sweep the Chimney

As the temperature drops, you’ll want to make use of your fireplace. Hire a professional chimney sweep to inspect and clean your chimney of any built-up chemicals or nests that animals may have built inside your chimney. Neglecting these can result in a dangerous house fire.


Declutter Your Pantry

Organize your spices and dry ingredients like brown sugar and flour, and dispose of any that are out of date. Dry ingredients may show you that they are past their prime through changes in their textures.

Organize Your Closet

Get your fall and winter clothing out of storage and move them to the front of your closet. You can put your summer clothes in storage or simply move them to the back of your closet. If you want to go even further, you might decide to purge some items that don’t fit anymore or that you haven’t worn in a long time.

Wash and Replace Bedding

If you have warmer comforters or throw blankets that you like to take out for the colder months, switch out your summer bedding and put it in storage. Even if you use the same comforters all year round, throw your bedding in the wash. With the rest of your home clean, it will feel great to get into a clean bed at night.


Clean Out Your Fridge *

Perform a clean sweep of your refrigerator, disposing of foods that are past their prime. Clear out the foods you plan on keeping, then clean your fridge drawers and shelves of any spills.

Clean Your Oven *

Fall is the perfect time for baking pies or scones, or for cooking a roast dinner. You might make regular use of your oven once the temperature drops. First, remove oven racks, hand-washing and hand-drying them before placing them back inside. As for the top, sides, and bottom of your oven, you will need to use an oven-cleaning solution to clean any hardened or burnt food.

Dust Shelves, Surfaces, and Wainscoting *

As you spend more time inside, you risk exposing yourself to more dust particles in an unclean home. Especially if you or the other members of your household have dust allergies, you’ll want to stay vigilant in preventing the accumulation of dust along the surfaces in your home.

* Lilly’s Cleaning Service offers refrigerator and oven cleaning. Also, with Lilly’s detailed cleaning your home will always maintain a superior level of cleanliness.

We at Lilly’s Cleaning Service are here to help busy and overwhelmed families prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Let Lilly’s clean so you can enjoy it!