Celebrate Father’s Day with Lilly’s!

Enjoy story time with your family, in a clean house. Lilly's Cleaning Service takes care of the house chores, so you can enjoy family time.

In case you haven’t made a note: Sunday, June 16 marks Father’s Day 2019!
What kind of dad are you celebrating this Father’s Day? A new father, retired dad, bachelor pad dad? No matter the age or stage, all of our dads are special. And Lilly’s Cleaning Service has a way to help make your dad’s special day great! Call Lilly’s today to arrange a surprise house cleaning for dad, or get him a Lilly’s gift card–good for a one-time cleaning or for home cleaning service on a regular interval. Gift cards can even be sent directly from Lilly’s website.

Is your dad retired? Let Lilly’s take care of his house cleaning task list, then get dad out on the town for Father’s Day lunch or a sunny round of golf—with you! Sporty dad? Call Lilly’s to let them take on dad’s typical weekly cleaning routine or maybe clean his carpets for him. Then fill his extra time with a Father’s Day baseball game or enjoy a family bike ride.

How do you please your professional dad? Lilly’s does commercial cleaning, too! How about getting Dad’s office cleaned for him? He’ll make a statement with a sparkling clean workspace, impressing his clients and making his work life easier.

Maybe it’s YOUR home that needs a good deep clean or a regular weekly cleaning appointment. Set up arrangements with Lilly’s professional staff of dedicated cleaners, and use the extra time to celebrate your dad in his favorite way this year! Because he doesn’t want another tie–he just wants quality time with you!

Get back your free time this Father’s Day—call Lilly’s Cleaning Service and make more time for Dad. Visit our website https://www.lillyscleaningservice.com/ or call us at 301.990.4179.

The History of Mother’s Day

In the 2019 year, Mother’s Day hits the calendar on Sunday, May 12.  While over 40 countries celebrate this special day, honoring moms in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons, the root of modern Mother’s Day in the United States is actually quite sweet and simple.  

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908 in West Virginia, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial to honor her mother, Ann Jarvis–a Civil War peace activist who died in 1905.  Anna went on to trademark the holiday, and to promote and clarify her initial intent, which was for each family to honor its own mother and to celebrate the sentiment of a mother’s love.  

Anna believed the 2nd Sunday in May should be a recognized holiday because a mother is “the person who has done more for you than anyone else in the world.”   Anna promoted simple gifts like personal and handwritten notes of thanks to mothers.   In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation, celebrating the role of mothers in the U.S.  

While this holiday does have elements of a commercial event, with stores hawking cards, flowers, and balloons, plus lots of knickknacks and clutter of which your mom (and Marie Kondo) would probably disapprove, you can still celebrate your mom simply.  

Even if your own mom wasn’t literally a battlefield hero, she certainly works hard and helps keep the peace.  In reality, she probably “has done more for you than anyone else in the world.”   This year, honor Mom with a gift from the heart, a gift that she’ll really use:  home cleaning services from Lily’s Cleaning Service.  Tell her how much you appreciate her by giving the gift of time. Call Lilly’s at 301.990.4179 to purchase a gift card for your Mom.

Spring Celebrations

Spring means fresh breezes, robins chirping and daffodils blooming. For busy families, spring also brings family celebrations, Easter dinners and a house full of visitors! This year, focus on family, food, and festivity, and let your house cleaning service handle the before and after.


Before: Before family arrives or the Spring-breaking teens take over, call Lilly’s Cleaning Service to get your home in great shape. We can tackle those standard Spring Cleaning jobs, plus help prepare your home for guests. We make the kitchen sparkle and spare bathroom shine. Let us also freshen your guest rooms and clean all the forgotten corners. Our clean makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. With a backdrop of an effortlessly clean home, your added touches like seasonal décor, fresh tulips, and Easter guest towels make an added impact.


Now that house cleaning duties are out of the way, enjoy your extra time with family and friends—knowing that your home is clean and ready for company. Use this time to try out new holiday recipes or let the kids help cook an old favorite. Plan a game night and ask everyone to bring a favorite snack or board game. Take this opportunity to use this free time for yourself, basking in the feeling of a completed To-Do list.


After: Once the dust has settled, the guests have traveled home and the kids are back to school, Lilly’s can return for the cleanup. Our team will clean up spots and stains left over from those family dinners and get your general cleaning done as well. We can take away extra holiday trash, clean up the spare bathroom and bring your home back to normal in no time!


We keep your spring gatherings stress-free! Leaving the cleaning to us!

Spring in Maryland

Lilly's Cleaning Service
Even people who use a house cleaning service on a regular basis feel the need to spruce up in between– especially when fresh spring weather rolls around!  There’s nothing like cracking open the windows for the first time and enjoying the spring air.  It’s the inspiration for a spring clean!  Here are some important areas to consider as you take advantage of that seasonal burst of energy.  Choose the tasks that will give YOU the most satisfaction.
Bedding.  Start by stripping all your comforters and blankets and get those into the washing machine (per care tags).  Freshen all bed pillows with a tumble in the dryer.  Toss in wool dryer balls with some lavender essential oil or use dryer sheets.  As you continue your spring cleaning list, transfer clean bedding from washer to dryer, then re-make beds with fresh sheets.  
Clear clutter.  Take a sweep through your main floor rooms and get instant gratification by clearing junk, paper and other collected stuff from surfaces.  And don’t transfer the piles—purge as you go.  Is the clutter actually something timely or important, or can it be recycled or donated?  Don’t be afraid to simply throw it away.  
Clear a closet.  Weed out items that haven’t been worn in a year or that are in poor condition.  Donate the good stuff to your favorite local charity.  Sort the wardrobe by color for easy pickings in the morning.  Again, don’t be shy about throwing out clothes that have outlived their natural life.  If no one else can use it, make it into cleaning rags or toss it in the trash.
Makeup drawer.  Spring is a good time to take a look at your beauty products and tools.  Wash all applicator brushes in warm water with a drop of gentle shampoo.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly then let air dry.  Toss tools that are damaged and replace those that are worn out.  Most beauty products have a shelf life of fewer than 24 months once opened.  Evaluate the makeup you use on a regular basis and replace as needed.  
To enjoy more time this spring, Let Lilly’s Cleaning Service take care of the cleaning on a regular basis. Click here to visit our website https://www.lillyscleaningservice.com/ and call us at 301.990.4179 for a complimentary estimate. 

Give the Gift of Time this Valentine’s Day!

We all know that time is precious, and perhaps even more importantly, that time is available in very limited quantities.  Today, busy families have countless things competing for our valuable time every week.  Jobs, grocery shopping, homework, kids’ activities, family events, lawn work, meals, and laundry—these are a few major tasks that come to mind.  Every one of them fills our time, for better or worse.   But thankfully, house cleaning doesn’t have to be one of those time-filling tasks—because you have Lilly’s Cleaning Service, and you have the ability to give the gift of time.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service brings professional cleaning expertise right to your home or office, delivering quality results from top to bottom.   With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and consistent, thorough cleans, you can count on Lilly’s. Working around your schedule, Lilly’s team takes house cleaning off your to-do list, freeing up time that can be better spent doing what YOU want!  Even if that’s just sitting in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and that book you’ve been meaning to read!    

This year, as Valentine’s Day rolls around, think out of the box for your sweetheart.  Lilly’s gift cards make a perfect and practical Valentine’s Day gift, and you can even give an entire year of cleaning!  A clean home is something she’ll remember (and thank you for) at every cleaning.  In contrast, you know that cliché grocery store box of candy or tired bouquet of flowers will be forgotten before February 15.

Lilly’s Cleaning Service gift certificate comes in a golden square box that has a red rose on the top.