Fight Summer Stink With These Easy Tips

commercial cleaning services germantown mdWhile you count on Lilly’s Cleaning Service for routine cleaning to keeps everyday dust and dirt at bay, summer heat brings some additional cleaning challenges that need special attention.

Warm temperatures in the summer months increase home odors in a variety of places. Heavy traffic from kids on summer break makes busy areas like kitchen floors and common bathrooms dirtier than usual. Use these tips to keep up with summertime messes and smells in between housekeeper visits.

1. Wash kitchen garbage cans regularly. Food scraps spoil quickly in summer heat. Barbeque leftovers get rancid, and garden veggie waste rots quickly in a hot kitchen. Empty the garbage often, and clean the can with warm, soapy water once a week to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air!

2. Stay on top of laundry odor. Wet bathing suits, sweaty sports equipment and damp bathroom towels can fester quickly if left in hampers or on the laundry room floor. Avoid mildew and that nasty sour towel smell by running laundry loads regularly. Encourage the family to hang up moist clothing and towels rather than stuffing them into a laundry basket to get stinky. Summer is a great time to empower older kids to do their own laundry, too.

3. Clean the toilets twice a week. A quick scrub in the toilet bowl does wonders to stop odor and makes your bathrooms more pleasant for everyone. This is an easy job—assign it to one of your kids as a regular summer chore.

4. Run your bathroom exhaust fans. Cut down on bathroom mold and smells by using fans to suck excess moisture out of the air after showers.

These tips will help cut down on household odor in between professional cleanings from your favorite cleaning service, Lilly’s! Not a client of Lilly’s? Call today and get a free estimate!