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Here’s How Much You Should be Paying for Residential Cleaning Services

According to the research by a professor at Harvard Business School, Outsourcing tedious household chores not just takes the stress out your mind, but also, But also helps you improve your lifestyle significantly. This helps you prioritize time over money and can make you happier as you can spend your time doing things that you value, like focusing on career, spending time with friends, etc.

But still, the money that you spend is your hard-earned money so you better spend it right.

Therefore, how much money you should be spending on housekeeping services is crucial and should well calculated. Also, it might depend on a variety of factors and things, that include things like where you live, who you hire, and what do you want them to do.

Here’s how you should understand and know beforehand about the factors that affect the cost of Residential Cleaning Services Chevy Chase MD –

House Cleaners & maids in the U.S. earn an average hourly rate of $16.27 according to the 2018 data. Some factors that can make the price go up or down are:-

  1. Location of your home – you live somewhere outside the city you might be paying higher than someone in the city, nearer to the company as distance and therefore safety is important.
  2. Size and condition of your home – The efforts the house cleaner will have to make is directly proportional to the price you pay. This can be understood according to the size of the house as if the house is large it might take him to clean longer than usual and the condition the house is in can add to your cost. At Lilly’s Cleaning Services, you can call and get a free estimate of how much it will cost you according to your needs.
  3. Types of cleaning – It might help you with what type of service you are looking for. If your house needs just regular cleaning, the cost is different. If your house needs a little more elbow greasing, the cost is different again.

It may also depend on how much frequently do you want the house to be cleaned:-

  • Routine or basic cleaning: If you just want the cleaners to just do the regular basic cleaning to get your home guest-ready and clean. This might be the best option and the cheapest too. In this case, the cleaner will just wipe the floor and take the dust off the rugs, carpet, etc.
  • Deep Clean: Haven’t had the time to clean your house for a while? Then your house might need the extra love, then this may charge you higher than that, as it may include some detailing such as grout in the shower, dusting individual knickknacks, cleaning the ceiling fans, etc.

It is advice that you choose for the cleaning services rather than an individual because they take responsibility for the action of their employees. They can give you proper insurance for the damage they might cause to your property. Also, the employees are fully trained and hence might even clean better and fabulously that you also might not do.

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