Maid Service | Bethesda

Leave the Holiday Cleaning to the Maid Service

Take the stress out of the holiday season with maid service in Bethesda. With a reliable cleaning service, your house is clean before and after the holidays. This leaves you free to truly enjoy the holidays by doing tasks that you like—such as decorating, shopping, and gift-wrapping—rather than cleaning up everyone else’s mess.

Service Before & After the Holidays

The entire clan comes to your house for the annual celebration, which is a great opportunity to play host to family and friends, but it is hard on the décor. With all of that special food and all of those people, spills and accidents just happen. For instance, the bowl of homemade cranberry sauce could end up on the carpeting, instead of the dining room table. With a reliable maid service, all you have to do is triage: Pick up the mess, open up a new can of cranberry sauce, and trust in your cleaning crew to take care of the rest.

It’s also helpful to have the cleaning crew come before the holidays. You have so much to do. Let them take care of dusting the shelves, vacuuming the carpeting, and sanitizing the bathrooms. In fact, maid service in Bethesda just makes your life a whole lot easier. Look for a company that offers cleaning on your terms, whether it’s once a week or once a month.

We recommend you research before you hire a maid service. The time you take going online and talking to friends is more than worth it when the results are a clean house to come home to at night. Seek a company that provides you with a thorough cleaning and offers these qualifications and credentials:

• Established Business with Years of Experience
• Satisfaction Guarantee
• Good Reviews & Positive Testimonials
• Quality Service
• Free Estimates
• Supervisor on Site for Every Job
• Cleans the Entire House Each Time—Does Not Rotate Rooms

A local company that has high customer satisfaction ratings is Lilly’s Cleaning Service, Inc. Call us for a free estimate so that you can enjoy the holidays without stressing over cleaning.