The Benefits of Using Environmental Cleaning Products

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At Lilly’s Cleaning Service, we are dedicated to providing professional services while constantly searching for products that are EPA approved and environmentally friendly. While we try to use only non-toxic products that are capable of removing soap filth, deep dirt, and mildew, we understand that using harsher products is sometimes necessary for stubborn messes. When it comes to the safety of our customers and employees, we strive to use safe and non-toxic cleaners. Below we discuss the benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • Using hypo-allergenic vacuum bags will trap vast amounts of small particles that generally recirculated in the air. These are great to use because they help produce healthier air and a space to live.
  • Using microfiber cleaning cloths avoids the use of detergents meaning fewer chemicals enter your home! Microfiber fabrics clean on a microscopic scale. These towels feature electrostatic properties which allow them to have a high dust-attracting power and absorb grease.
  • Protect your furry friends when you use non-toxic cleaners. Since pets are always running around the house, it is crucial you use effective and safe cleaning products that won’t harm your dog or cat.
  • Using cleaning products that are free from chemicals, as often as we can, will offer parents a peace of mind because it is safe for children. This means your toddler that continually crawls will be safe after a detailed cleaning and mopping.
  • Keep the air in your home safe and free of pollutants when you use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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