residential cleaning bethesda mdAt Lilly’s Cleaning Service, we strive to serve our customers by keeping their homes clean and organized while continuously improving our cleaning methods to be environmentally friendly. We pledge to search for house cleaning products that are EPA approved while utilizing professional products and procedures. When it comes to our residential cleaning in Bethesda, MD, we attempt to use non-toxic cleaners whenever possible that are deemed safe for children and pets. Below we discuss our efforts to being an eco-friendly cleaning company.

• Our use of hypo-allergenic vacuum bags helps to eliminate small particles that usually recirculate back into the air when using regular vacuum bags. With fewer particles in your air, you will experience a healthier home and lifestyle.
• We utilize microfiber dusting cloths because they can be used without toxic cleaning solutions, which allow us to use fewer chemicals while cleaning your home. Microfiber cleaning tools can clean on a microscopic level, which cleans deeper than most regular cloths.
• We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled plastic bottles, reusable containers, and volatile organic compounds that are less harmful than most cleaning products.

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