Give Residential Cleaning in Olney and all Montgomery County, MD this Holiday Season

What’s the one thing that people only have a limited amount of, no matter who they are? It’s time, of course. It’s valuable and irreplaceable. That’s why it’s truly a magnanimous gift when you offer someone more time in their lives.

Giving the gift of a thoroughly clean home this holiday season by choosing Lilly’s Cleaning Service for residential cleaning in Olney, MD, lets your friend or loved one get back some time. We’re talking about hours and hours they would have spent making sure their home was ship shape. In this way, the beneficiary of your generosity can focus on other areas of their life in preparation for the frenzied holidays.

Now, rather than thinking, “I can’t do this because I have to make sure the house is clean,” your recipient is free to make choices. Time is precious, and when they can spend it as they wish, it’s even more so. This is a gift that’s thoughtful and truly giving.

Residential cleaning is an all-consuming task. It’s a great deal of work and commitment, but when a team of fully trained and motivated professionals approaches the job, they make short work of it. The results are astounding and provide the homeowner with a renewed appreciation of their residence, as well as the amount of work and time that were saved thanks to your thoughtful gift of cleaning.

Some tasks may get set aside during a regular cleaning routine because there isn’t enough time to tackle them, cleaning the legs of a kitchen table, for example, but our team does these things. We’re there so everyone can head into the holidays with a sparkling home thanks to the efforts of our residential cleaning crew.

We apply our skills and effort with a detailed action plan that is tailored to each individual home and the needs of its family. We clean the entire house on every visit from bedroom to bathroom to family room and every inch in between. We dust, mop, sweep, vacuum, sanitize, and wipe so that our clients don’t  have to. We are happy to offer customized cleaning services too. Just reach out to our office to discuss the options we have available.