Spring Celebrations

Spring means fresh breezes, robins chirping and daffodils blooming. For busy families, spring also brings family celebrations, Easter dinners and a house full of visitors! This year, focus on family, food, and festivity, and let your house cleaning service handle the before and after.


Before: Before family arrives or the Spring-breaking teens take over, call Lilly’s Cleaning Service to get your home in great shape. We can tackle those standard Spring Cleaning jobs, plus help prepare your home for guests. We make the kitchen sparkle and spare bathroom shine. Let us also freshen your guest rooms and clean all the forgotten corners. Our clean makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome. With a backdrop of an effortlessly clean home, your added touches like seasonal décor, fresh tulips, and Easter guest towels make an added impact.


Now that house cleaning duties are out of the way, enjoy your extra time with family and friends—knowing that your home is clean and ready for company. Use this time to try out new holiday recipes or let the kids help cook an old favorite. Plan a game night and ask everyone to bring a favorite snack or board game. Take this opportunity to use this free time for yourself, basking in the feeling of a completed To-Do list.


After: Once the dust has settled, the guests have traveled home and the kids are back to school, Lilly’s can return for the cleanup. Our team will clean up spots and stains left over from those family dinners and get your general cleaning done as well. We can take away extra holiday trash, clean up the spare bathroom and bring your home back to normal in no time!


We keep your spring gatherings stress-free! Leaving the cleaning to us!