Spring in Maryland

Lilly's Cleaning Service
Even people who use a house cleaning service on a regular basis feel the need to spruce up in between– especially when fresh spring weather rolls around!  There’s nothing like cracking open the windows for the first time and enjoying the spring air.  It’s the inspiration for a spring clean!  Here are some important areas to consider as you take advantage of that seasonal burst of energy.  Choose the tasks that will give YOU the most satisfaction.
Bedding.  Start by stripping all your comforters and blankets and get those into the washing machine (per care tags).  Freshen all bed pillows with a tumble in the dryer.  Toss in wool dryer balls with some lavender essential oil or use dryer sheets.  As you continue your spring cleaning list, transfer clean bedding from washer to dryer, then re-make beds with fresh sheets.  
Clear clutter.  Take a sweep through your main floor rooms and get instant gratification by clearing junk, paper and other collected stuff from surfaces.  And don’t transfer the piles—purge as you go.  Is the clutter actually something timely or important, or can it be recycled or donated?  Don’t be afraid to simply throw it away.  
Clear a closet.  Weed out items that haven’t been worn in a year or that are in poor condition.  Donate the good stuff to your favorite local charity.  Sort the wardrobe by color for easy pickings in the morning.  Again, don’t be shy about throwing out clothes that have outlived their natural life.  If no one else can use it, make it into cleaning rags or toss it in the trash.
Makeup drawer.  Spring is a good time to take a look at your beauty products and tools.  Wash all applicator brushes in warm water with a drop of gentle shampoo.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly then let air dry.  Toss tools that are damaged and replace those that are worn out.  Most beauty products have a shelf life of fewer than 24 months once opened.  Evaluate the makeup you use on a regular basis and replace as needed.  
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