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Are You Cleaning These Items Too Often?

Keeping an orderly and clean home while finding ways to cut down on cleaning time is a game most of us play. You could always make use of professional cleaning services in Clarksburg, MD, to reduce the time you spend cleaning and increase the time you spend doing activities that appeal to you most.

Clothes – Most clothes can be worn more than once.

Dirty Dishes – You are wasting time and water if you rinse dirty dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

Winter Outerwear – Most coats are fine with only one or two cleanings per season. Spot clean stains and hang properly.

Ceiling Fans and Lighting Fixtures – Professional cleaning services may help with these, if you can’t reach them, or try cleaning these only once per month.

Bedspreads and Comforters – Unless you live in your bed or have lots of pets that do, you don’t need to wash these weekly.

Curtains and Drapes – A good cleaning by washing or dry cleaning once a year is enough.

Furniture Slipcovers – There is no need to clean these in the washer every week. Spot clean stains and wash each season.

Carpets and Upholstered Furniture – Vacuum regularly, but deep clean only once per year. Or, you can call us for professional cleaning services.

Bed Pillows – Bed pillowcases need weekly washing, but the pillows only need to be washed every three to six months.

Oven – Ovens can be cleaned just two or three times a year.

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