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5 Professional Tips on Residential Cleaning

Start off with narrows spaces and low-traffic rooms, then move on to the kitchen and bathroom. Professionals in residential cleaning in Urbana MD say this is the most efficient way to tackle daily cleaning tasks. How so? Low-traffic areas are a breeze to clean and you’ll get them done in no time, which will motivate you to polish off the rest of your home. Down below, we have 9 amazing, timesaving tips that will give your house a professional cleaning look.

1. Use Microfiber Cloths

A microfiber cloth is a must when residential cleaning. Cleaning experts rarely use sponges and paper towels as both holds onto germs. Microfiber cloths dry easily and you can wash them numerous times. They are 99% more efficient with eliminating bacteria than traditional cloths.

You can find microfiber mops, towels, and cloths – any of these will work wonders with stains. What is even better – microfiber works great with vinegar and you can use this combo to get rid of the most stubborn spots and dirt.

2. Be Careful With the Choice of Soap

Which are the basic home cleaning tools? Soap and a scrub brush, right? Yet, some people seem to neglect the importance of soap when doing residential cleaning. If you want your surfaces to appear shiny and stay clean for a bit longer, you will need high-quality soap.

That means you should stay away from traditional tallow-based variants. These soaps leave a white, sticky, or gummy residue on your surfaces, especially on kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Go for vegetable oil or glycerin-based soaps and you’ll like the final results as there won’t be any trace of grease left behind.

3. Knock Dust onto the Floor

Dust, pet hair, crumbs – shake them on the floor. Don’t forget to knock the dust off your lampshades, bookshelves, and curtains as well! Instead of vacuuming carpets and rugs, you’ll just pick up the dust from hard floors. If you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter, you will be able to clean faster and control where the dust goes.

4. Keep Your Vacuum Cleaner Well Maintained

Whatever vacuum cleaner model you own (bagged, bagless, upright, or canister), you should give it an occasional tune-up. This ensures maximum efficiency and increases your vacuum’s suction power. It is important to get it serviced regularly but also change disposable bags, remove any hairs from the rotating brush, and wipe the inside of the machine. You vacuum will pick up everything that comes it’s away.

5. Finish All Cleaning by 3 P.M.

You can’t see the dirt as clearly at 10 a.m. the way you would in the morning or until 3 p.m. Turn on the lights and open the shades and drapes. This is how you get maximum clarity. You can’t do a very detailed cleaning once the light starts to fade.


See? You don’t have to be an expert to give your home a proper clean. A certain amount of skill, the right tools, and killer strategy will transform your space. Yet, if you feel like you still need professional residential cleaning in Urbana MD, make sure to give us a call!

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