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Ask These 5 Questions Before Hiring a Cleaning Service

Finding a reliable and professional cleaning service to hire can be a bit intimidating, especially if you are doing this the first time. We have compiled 5 top questions to ask before hiring someone to clean your home. These questions will help you understand work methods of potential service providers in Monrovia MD and connect with the one that meets your cleaning requirements.

1. How Experienced Your Staff Is?

The experienced cleaning staff is more skilled and performs tasks without any errors. If your potential provider has been in the business for years, that could be a good sign. Ask them whether they hire staff on assignment or if they have cleaners hired full-time.

Although this is optional, you may be wanting to know are their cleaners qualified for this job. When having someone clean your home, it is always better to have a team that knows their duties well.

2. What Is Included In Basic Cleaning Packages?

If you don’t have special cleaning requirements, a basic package should be enough to cover your needs. Ask the providers about services and tasks involved. In case you need extra or particular services on top of the basic ones, outline them right away and ask for the price.

3. What Cleaning Product Do You Use?

Homeowners and members of their families who have allergies should be extra careful when hiring a cleaning service. If you have even the slightest health concern, make sure to ask about the products your potential provider is going to apply to your surfaces.

Some companies have their own supplies, which is a bit tricky. If you are willing to hire this type of provider, try to find out which chemicals they use. As a homeowner, you can ask for a cleaning service to use organic, hypoallergenic, or eco-friendly cleaning products. It’s up to them and how professional they are to try their best to meet your expectations.

4. What Are Your Methods for Accessing Homes?

If you want to have your home cleaned while away, you will have to talk about typical methods cleaning companies use for accessing homes. Some of the most common solutions to this include that another household member lets them in or giving them passcode, garage door opener, or house key.

5. Does Your Company Carry Liability Insurance?

Unfortunately, accidents happen even when you hire a professional team to clean your house. That is why it is important to work with a company that is both insured and bonded. On the other hand, this is quite important if you find out something is missing from your home after having their staff over.

You should have complete peace of mind before and after cleaning and insurance can provide you that. Also, make sure to let your cleaning provider know if some of your belongings require special care.


Keep your eyes wide open if you want to ensure your cleaning service provider in Monrovia MD delivers outstanding results. Whether it be one-time or continuous cooperation, you deserve the best service.

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