Give Your Sweetheart The Gift of Time!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and its time to start planning how you will make the special person in your life feel loved. It seems like such a simple thing, but especially with all of the other obligations and responsibilities in our lives that take our time, sometimes we forget to let the ones we love know that we care about them. Let’s face it, life is busy with family, kids, work, cooking and so much more! But thankfully, this Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart can take one thing off of their list; cleaning!


There are very few gifts you can give someone as valuable as the gift of relaxation and time, and with a gift card to Lilly’s Cleaning Service, its never been so easy! Everyone deserves a break now and again and we couldn’t agree more. Lilly’s Cleaning Service provides a consistent and thorough clean that will leave you completely satisfied and with one less project to worry about. This Valentine’s Day, we can work around your busy schedule so that not only will your house be sparkling clean, but you can take some time to plan a wonderful day of quality time together. Whether that be a nice dinner, a weekend trip, a day off, or even staying home and enjoying some peace, we think you and your loved one deserve some time together.


Giving your sweetheart Lilly’s gift card this year will let them know that you respect and acknowledge how much work they put into keeping the house clean and that they deserve a break!

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