Thankful for Lilly’s!

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year! The leaves are changing and falling, the weather has cooled down, and the holidays are right around the corner. It’s the season for being with friends and family, loved ones gathering together, and being thankful for all that we have. As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we’ll all be very busy preparing for all of the fun festivities! 


While the excitement in the air is obvious, it can also be a bit of a stressful time. The Holiday Season generally means people will frequently be in and out and keeping the house clean can be a bit of a hassle, not to mention extra stress that you don’t need! This is why Lilly’s can come in and help you, so that this season, you can enjoy the time you have with the people you love most!


We know that during Thanksgiving, you’ll be spending lots of time in the kitchen, so before you start, we can make sure you’re working with a sparkling workspace. 


Some things we can offer for your kitchen space:


  • Dusting ceiling fixtures
  • Wiping doors, light switches, cabinets, and windows 
  • Cleaning front and top of the refrigerator 
  • Microwave cleaned inside and out
  • Stovetop or glass top surfaces cleaned
  • Sanitized and cleaned sink 
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitized 
  • Clean countertop appliances
  • Vacuumed and mopped hard surface kitchen floor 
  • Trash removal 

But we don’t stop there! We can also offer our services to the other important rooms in your house like the bedroom, family or living room, bathroom, and laundry room. If you have out of town guests coming in, we can make sure their space is ready and comfortable so their stay is stress-free for the both of you. 

The Holiday Season doesn’t need to be stressful, and it shouldn’t be! Let us come in and do what we do best so that you can get that cherished time with your loved ones and enjoy, you deserve it!


Fall in Montgomery County!

As a new season rolls in, it’s a great time to start fresh. The leaves are changing, and so is the mess in your house! As cozier, colder weather moves in, most people want to spend more time indoors by the fire or out enjoying a beautiful brisk fall day, but that can be hard to do when you’re worried about an untidy home, and there’s nothing worse than being distracted by having chores on the brain. You should be able to go out and enjoy the season with your family, leaving the cleaning for us!
There are so many fun things to do this fall season, and while we take care of the home, here’s a list of family fun for you!
Go apple picking or visit a pumpkin farm! It is one of the best fall activities, and great for the whole family. Pick a beautiful fall day to load up on fall favorites like apples, corn, pumpkins, squash, and even apple cider! There’s so much fun to be had and memories to make that everyone will enjoy.
Seasonal Baking! There’s nothing better than homemade fall treats! After you’ve gone apple picking, come home and spend some time baking apple or pumpkin pie! Seasonal veggies are also super great for side dishes!
Get outside! The summer heat is just coming to an end, and before winter weather comes through, get the family together and spend some time outside! A picnic in the park, hayrides, or even a corn maze. There are lots to do to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.
Relax! Llily’s can take care of all your cleaning needs, so you don’t have to! So it’s time to open the windows, enjoy the fresh air, put your feet up, and relax, knowing that Lilly’s is here to take cleaning off your list! Schedule something today, from vacuuming and mopping to cleaning the bathroom. We are here so that you can enjoy this fall season with the people you love!

Back to School with a Fresh Fall Start

Back to School with a Fresh Fall Start!

This fall, when the kids head back to the classroom, take the opportunity to give yourself, and your home, a fresh start!

Most of us have a lifetime of first day memories: crisp notebooks, brand new pencils, and cool first day outfits. Maybe you think of homework stress, or the joy of reconnecting with friends and running on the school playground. This year, use this time to set new goals and create a healthy schedule for your family, your job and even your home.

Fall for Family: With a new school schedule, sports and other after school activities starting up, now is the time to review your family’s schedule. Is it time to clean up the calendar? Are there some activities you can agree to drop? Prioritize upcoming events, meetings and appointments. Then purge those that don’t give you joy or serve a significant purpose for your family. Taking control of your time is a great goal for fall!

Office Organization: Consider your home office or your corporate workspace. Fall is a wonderful time to clear the clutter, wrap up projects and dust away the dust bunnies. Then set yourself up with a peppy new set of colorful pencils, fun file folders or put out a vase with fresh fall flowers. Almost as good a new school clothes!

Fresh Start at Home: If you don’t already have a regular house cleaning schedule with Lilly’s Cleaning Service, call today to create a plan for weekly cleaning, monthly cleaning or custom plan that meets your needs. Start with a “clean slate”—a fall cleaning—then keep up the good work by continuing the housekeeping on a regular basis. Then enjoy the time you’ve freed up for fall sports, date night or a bonfire with s’mores.

So pack those lunch bags, step up for the soccer car pool or simply give yourself a fresh fall routine. Today is a great day for a new start!

Fight Summer Stink With These Easy Tips

commercial cleaning services germantown mdWhile you count on Lilly’s Cleaning Service for routine cleaning to keeps everyday dust and dirt at bay, summer heat brings some additional cleaning challenges that need special attention.

Warm temperatures in the summer months increase home odors in a variety of places. Heavy traffic from kids on summer break makes busy areas like kitchen floors and common bathrooms dirtier than usual. Use these tips to keep up with summertime messes and smells in between housekeeper visits.

1. Wash kitchen garbage cans regularly. Food scraps spoil quickly in summer heat. Barbeque leftovers get rancid, and garden veggie waste rots quickly in a hot kitchen. Empty the garbage often, and clean the can with warm, soapy water once a week to give your kitchen a breath of fresh air!

2. Stay on top of laundry odor. Wet bathing suits, sweaty sports equipment and damp bathroom towels can fester quickly if left in hampers or on the laundry room floor. Avoid mildew and that nasty sour towel smell by running laundry loads regularly. Encourage the family to hang up moist clothing and towels rather than stuffing them into a laundry basket to get stinky. Summer is a great time to empower older kids to do their own laundry, too.

3. Clean the toilets twice a week. A quick scrub in the toilet bowl does wonders to stop odor and makes your bathrooms more pleasant for everyone. This is an easy job—assign it to one of your kids as a regular summer chore.

4. Run your bathroom exhaust fans. Cut down on bathroom mold and smells by using fans to suck excess moisture out of the air after showers.

These tips will help cut down on household odor in between professional cleanings from your favorite cleaning service, Lilly’s! Not a client of Lilly’s? Call today and get a free estimate!

Steamy Summer Cleaning Tips

This summer, your home will become a place for neighborhood gatherings, school vacation chilling, barbeques and casual evenings on the patio watching fireflies. You can free up your time for fun activities like these by scheduling regular house cleaning services–through Lilly’s! Create space in your calendar for time with your kids and lunch with friends. When you aren’t doing your own housecleaning, your time is your own—for fun and family. Then, take advantage of your “summer helpers” and get the whole family in on the home cleaning game. Of course, your kids probably won’t be on board with becoming your maid service, but here are some hacks for incorporating cleaning and decluttering in everyday summer life.

* Plan a garage sale. Use the summer months to minimize clutter and make it easier to keep things clean. Challenge each family member to fill a box with items for the sale—the person with the most discarded items wins. Declutter and make a few bucks, too.

* Tis the season: Play outside. This cuts down on inside toy clutter and dirt. Plus it gives you and the kids a healthy dose of vitamin D and fresh air.

* Speaking of fresh air, bring the outside in! Air it out, open windows and screen doors and let in a fresh, clean breeze.

* Start by keeping dirt out. Keep your Lilly’s clean longer—make it a summer policy to take off shoes upon entering the house.

* Here’s an easy way to enlist the kids—store pop-up cleaning wipes in the bathrooms and give the kids free rein to use them. Say goodbye to toothpaste in the sink and tub rings!

Start with a clean slate by calling Lilly’s for cleaning services first thing this summer, then regularly throughout the season. Then have some fun with these ideas and all your newly discovered free time!